Sunday, August 08, 2008

Showcase » Sesatha Invitation Card

An invitation card design based on the traditional Sri Lankan Sesatha; made entirely on Illustrator and later rasterized for production. This was done for my friend Hasitha on his wedding and homecoming; two invitation cards based on the same design since the norm amongst Sri Lankans to have two cards for the different events with similar designs. Hasitha followed a very traditional theme for his wedding; he had the Sesatha card design in his mind from the very beginning. It also integrated well with the other elements.

The wedding invitation card and the homecoming invitation card together.

The wedding invitation card flip opened. Inner sides of the card written in Sinhala script.

It took me about three months to complete the design. This is entirely done in Illustrator and has no raster elements to bleed. The base for the card was done in wood and painted to glue to the two sides of the card. The card flip opened to show the invitation text inside the fold.


I looked at many Sesatha designs before attempting to do one on my own. Most real designs were not eye-catching and the elements that made the Sesatha looked oddly put together. Then the design on the 2000 rupee note caught my attention and this was heavily inspired by that.


Chandana BandaraWebsiteMarch 1, 2011

love this concept..

ranjanWebsiteMay 4, 2011

smart design…

mukilWebsiteMay 17, 2011

this is higly rich design

mukilWebsiteMay 17, 2011

this is the real creativity design. so nice

menupa samarawickramaWebsiteJune 21, 2011

This concept is unique

menupa samarawickramaWebsiteJune 21, 2011

So nice and Great design

NadeeWebsiteJune 21, 2011

Thanks everyone for your kind words.

HarshanWebsiteJuly 6, 2011

Nice,Hope to benchmark it. I think you like it
(That’s why you upload it.)

NadeeWebsiteJuly 6, 2011

Thanks for the comment Harshan. What do you exactly mean by ‘benchmarking’ it?

diluWebsiteJuly 10, 2011

its make our tradition

dimalshaWebsiteAugust 8, 2011

nice & maxa

cyrilWebsiteAugust 22, 2011

uncommon & professional one

nishaWebsiteSeptember 27, 2011

nice design

nishaWebsiteSeptember 27, 2011

very nice design

nishaWebsiteSeptember 27, 2011

nice & maxa

MamounWebsiteOctober 16, 2011

great, fantastic

NadeeWebsiteOctober 18, 2011

Thanks again everyone for your kind words.

LasniWebsiteMarch 14, 2012

Good work!! really nice…

TharuWebsiteMay 1, 2013

This is so cute. very nice. I like so much.

AnuradaWebsiteJune 2, 2014

Real Art Works

NadeeWebsiteJune 2, 2014

Thanks Anurada.

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