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Last update: Tuesday, September 09, 2010

Hello World!

Welcome to nstation; my online existence, portfolio and
journal. I am Nadeeshyama Talagala; UX Designer and
Tech Enthusiast living in Melbourne, Australia.

Articles » The Paint Experience

The Paint Experience

I use Microsoft Paint occasionally. Its features are limited and functionality is basic. But for regular people, Paint seems to be the tool of choice for a random doodle or running an office captioning contest. Readily availability can’t be the only reason. Hear goes my two cents on the matter. More »

Blog » On Technorati

Waiting On Technorati Screenshot

I’m going to extend my online presence on Technorati. As a procedural measure I’m supposed to have this short code (2CS29C43BNQS) on a blog post so that they can verify authenticity. I also made the decision to make the ‘blog’ part of the site strictly journalistic. So here we go with the very first blog post under the new web address, nstation.org on this Programmers’ Day.